Parental and Baby Prep: What to Know Before Giving Birth

Yesterday, hubby and I attended a whole-day workshop on What to Know Before Giving Birth. We were supposed to register as paying attendees, but then, some few days into the workshop date, Mommy Ginger of Manila Workshops, posted a contest in her Facebook account, where they choose 3 lucky couples after posting the answers. As I badly wanted to cross this out from my Parental and Baby Prep list, I joined the contest. Three days later, Mommy Ginger emailed me to inform me that I won two free seats in the workshop! 🙂

It was a whole day affair at the Medela House with great and very hands-on mommies who taught me and hubby so much from What to Expect During OB Check-Ups, Pain Management, Pregnancy Nutrition, and What to Know Before Hiring a Yaya.

I especially loved the Birthing Plan which Dra. Diana Sarmiento layed-out for us. They also had a speaker from StemCord Philippines, which hubby and I had decided to avail.

Workshop Poster

This is the first of four series and I am glad that these were all scheduled before my estimated date of delivery.

I look forward to Delivery and New Born Care, the second series. This will be held on June 29, 2013 from 9AM to 5PM at the Medela House. So, first time parents out there (and mommies who would want to know more about Baby Care), you may want to check this out 🙂 I believe that learning ahead and educating ourselves as parents will definitely pave way for better parenting skills and parent-child relationships.

Thank you Manila Workshops, Medela Moms, Inc., and The Learning Basket for this wonderful opportunity of learning! 🙂


A Lovely Mother’s Day Present

A Lovely Mother's Day Present

It has been 2 weeks since we last saw our dear child through the ultrasound. Our next check-up is scheduled in 2 weeks still and I am somehow anxious to know how our little one is doing.

So, on Mother’s Day, hubby gifted me with a 4D ultrasound! 🙂

At 24 Weeks, the baby is said not to have fats yet, so she is a bit skinny in this photo. The OB had a hard time capturing her face as she was moving a lot most of the time.

And yes, it’s a SHE. We had that 101% answer during our 4D experience! 🙂

Our Best Christmas Gift Ever!

I could have blogged about this some months back but hubby and I had to hold our excitement and postpone the announcement a little bit. As the old advise goes, once you find out that you’re very pregnant, don’t announce it to the world since pregnancy tests can also result to false positive. Some would also say to wait for the twelfth week before sharing the good news since the chance of miscarriage during those weeks is still very high.

It was a few days before Christmas when I started feeling hot and restless. For a few nights, I was sweating in the middle of the night while hubby was fully covered with comforter as he was already chilling from the aircon’s very low temperature. The worst part of it was, after I’d take a bath, I would be surprisingly hot and sweaty once again.

Christmas eve came, and things didn’t change. I thought that I might be pregnant but I didn’t want to dwell in the particular thought since I was to have my period in two days! As a woman who wanted to start a family already, I all the more felt restless for the two-day wait!

Christmas morning was quite different as my body wasn’t responding very positively to the happy occasion. I felt like sleeping through Christmas day. When I couldn’t hold it any longer, I told hubby that day that I might be pregnant. He happily volunteered to buy me a pregnancy test kit. The kit’s instructions said that I had to do the test in the morning so we patiently waited for the following day.

I woke up at three o’clock in the morning the following day with the need to pee. I thought that it was the best time to test, and lo and behold, the test turned out to be very positive!

I woke hubby up who immediately asked if it was positive. I didn’t know that he was waiting for the test result as well. 🙂

We were very happy returning back to sleep. Although Christmas of 2012 will be our last Christmas to celebrate exclusively as a couple, we still are very grateful that God granted us the best Christmas gift ever!

We couldn’t thank the Lord enough for giving us the chance to share our lives as parents with this little angel soon. 🙂

Our Dearest One at 10 Weeks

Our Dearest One at 10 Weeks